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To reach today's affluent and luxury consumers, successful brands are learning a new language and breaking all the old rules

To reach today's affluent and luxury consumers, successful brands are learning a new language and breaking all the old rules

When we speak, affluent audiences listen. That's because The Brand Consortium PR is directly in tune with how upscale audiences want to receive and consume information. We know what inspires and motivates a high-end consumer now, and what earns your brand a customer for life.

In today's fast-paced marketing and media world, people are under constant barrage by brands and marketing messages in every medium all the time. In fact, most luxury consumers have a well-honed ability to tune out traditional marketing, PR and advertising...completely. So, how do you build a meaniningful relationship with these audiences? That's where we come in:

 It’s research. Success begins with knowing “what’s so.” What are your strengths and weaknesses? What does your brand stand for? What does your audience want? What is your standing in social media? What has/hasn’t worked in the past? What can you learn from other brands and industries? We will scour your organization and industry for this data, analyze it, and make strategic plans based on where you’re going, where you’ve been, and what your competitors are up to.

It’s strategic. Everything we do has a purpose that serves your goals. Will this publication reach your target audience? Can a video advance your message? What is the customer experience? Let’s develop a call-to-action program to drive business. This is where our big ideas come into play. We approach the strategic portion of the campaign with a full-court press, everything from big ideas to the day-to-day logistics will be fleshed out into an action plan that’s actually useful.

It’s creative. Our biggest client successes are often driven by the creative ideas we bring to the table. This is something for which we are known. Before we even talk about communications channels, we need something to broadcast. Once you have a WOW idea, all outlets become available. A great idea can “go viral” by the media, influencers and consumers. Don’t have a WOW idea, or think you’re on the brink of one? We will help take that idea from WOW to WE DID IT.

It’s integrated communications. We strategically employ multiple communications channels – traditional and digital media, direct-to-consumer and others – to enhance and amplify all initiatives and advance your goals. Sure, we like press that looks pretty framed on your wall, but we like creating and captivating highly defined audiences that we can speak directly to even better. 

It’s more. Integrated PR employs lots of initiatives that fall outside of media to help you reach your target audiences. The “more” is as vast as one’s ability to think both sensibly and way-outside-the-box. We develop and execute prime time corporate partnerships, cross-promotional tie-ins, customer relations; advisory boards; focus groups; word-of-mouth and ambassador programs, charity sponsorships; guerilla tactics; special events; white papers; surveys; reports; top-ten lists; award submissions, brand development programs; speaking opportunities; celebrity participation; promotional opportunities with the media, and, well…more.

It’s branding. What is your brand and brand message? What do you stand for? How do you differentiate your company from others in the marketplace? We will help you build and define your brand identity, communicate it, and create an emotional connection between your brand and your targets by telling your story in a compelling manner.

It’s non-stop. We never stop thinking, working, scratching our heads and pushing to make it better on your behalf. It’s just the way we are wired. Outstanding ideas come at the most unusual times, places and opportunities. Call us at 2am and you’ll see.  We will continue pushing and working and advancing your cause throughout the course of our partnership. You can count on us to keep the ball rolling.

It’s integrated marketing. We ask for a seat at your marketing table. Multiple brains working together can produce a better outcome. One person’s passing comment will trigger another WOW idea. A great idea can get realized and amplified in many forms across many disciplines – PR, advertising, website, customer service, word-of-mouth and sales, just to name a few. We will help you integrate and maximize performance in all of these essential areas and do it with style. 

It’s measureable. At the end of the day we will measure our success against your goals. Did we drive business? Did we achieve our measureable goals? Did we more than pay for ourselves? Good. Then we’ve done our job. We will help you track and monitor our initiatives, so we can use that data to guide our strategy and our initiatives.